Why Use Our Service?

communityAuslan Connections is a specialist in the field of Auslan Interpreting and endeavours to meet the language requirements of each of our clients.Our commitment is:

Not-for-profit and community focus

Auslan Connections is the only Auslan interpreting service where all profits are invested back into services which benefit the Deaf community.  Our interpreters and office staff have a extensive/in-depth knowledge of Deaf culture and dialect variations in Auslan.

People First

Our office staff are able to communicate using Auslan and will liaise with Deaf and hearing clients to provide the most appropriate interpreter.  We encourage Deaf clients to nominate their preferred interpreters when making a booking.

Committed to Quality

We only employ accredited NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) interpreters.  We are also committed to ensuring a quality service through investing in our staff and providing a range of professional development opportunities.