Auslan Connections have a network of interpreters across the east coast of Australia, from Queensland down to Tasmania and recent expansion into the Northern Territory.  

We also use Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) meaning you can engage with an interpreter from anywhere in Australia.  

You can contact Auslan Connections staff using your preferred communication style from the list below.  

Our booking office is open 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. 

If you are wanting to book a free interpreter using the Over 65s Program, please use the contact details at the bottom of this page





Queensland (QLD)   

0476 857 251 AC-Qld 
Northern Territory (NT) 
New South Wales (NSW)  0476 857 251  Deaf Society Interpreting 
Australian Capital Territory (ACT) 
Victoria (VIC)  0438 723 342   Ac-Vic 
Tasmania (TAS) 


Emergency and After-Hours Contact

If you need to make an emergency or after-hours booking, please contact the below numbers.



QLD and NT  0455 068 500 (call or SMS) 
NSW and ACT  0412 422 059 (call or SMS) 
VIC and TAS  (03) 9473 1174 (voice or NRS calls)